Monday, July 13, 2009

Teaching your teenager to eat right in a foreign land

Your child is heading to college in a foreign land, it is never easy for a parent to let go. Afterall, it always seems like just yesterday you sent your precious one to kindergarten.As a parent, we will always worry for our child, especially his/her diet. Odds are now that we have no control over their diet, its going to be Maggie Noodles for breakfast/lunch and dinner! A mother's nightmare!The least that could be done is to equip our child with the know-how to prepare easy,healthy meals.So send your precious over to us for a 3 day course on how to sustain on nutricious food in a foreign land.It is going to seem so easy to eat healthy that cooking maggie mee seems like a chore!We will teach them;-

1)cook for one-food portioning

2)fast and easy meals

3)fuss free cooking

4)how to avoid greasy/oily food

5)How to cook using easy to obtain and cheap ingredients in the country they are in

6)food presentation to impress friends and guests

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Welcome to Kiddie Bakers

We are an easy no fuss caterer who wants to do more than just catering.
Our love for cooking and baking (kids too) have lead us to setup Kiddie Bakers. Special designed programs for children in preschool at age 4 onwards. We are neither a school nor a child care center. Just wanna have kids coming to our cafe(we own a cafe) to have fun, discover and experience the joy of cooking & baking. We don't make Jamie Olivers out of them but will be able to let them have a hands on experience; baking cookies and cakes, preparing a simple breakfast, knowledge of different foods nutritional value. We can also conduct tours to visit a fish or vege market, dimsum factory, ice cream factory and many more.........
Another project managed by Chef On Wheels (