Monday, July 13, 2009

Teaching your teenager to eat right in a foreign land

Your child is heading to college in a foreign land, it is never easy for a parent to let go. Afterall, it always seems like just yesterday you sent your precious one to kindergarten.As a parent, we will always worry for our child, especially his/her diet. Odds are now that we have no control over their diet, its going to be Maggie Noodles for breakfast/lunch and dinner! A mother's nightmare!The least that could be done is to equip our child with the know-how to prepare easy,healthy meals.So send your precious over to us for a 3 day course on how to sustain on nutricious food in a foreign land.It is going to seem so easy to eat healthy that cooking maggie mee seems like a chore!We will teach them;-

1)cook for one-food portioning

2)fast and easy meals

3)fuss free cooking

4)how to avoid greasy/oily food

5)How to cook using easy to obtain and cheap ingredients in the country they are in

6)food presentation to impress friends and guests